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One of the biggest problems facing digital art has always been how to display it. Do you keep your collection hidden in a folder on your computer? Or maybe you carry it with you on your phone or iPad? A new startup has found a solution it says will give digital art the respect it deserves.

Danvas will officially unveil the G-Series Display, the world’s first luxury digital art canvas, at the Amory Show in New York this weekend. The device was specifically designed and engineered for artistic NFTs and has the potential to change the way enthusiasts display, view and interact with their collections.

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The NFT mania of the past couple of years has seen a glut of digital photo frames hit the market (some of which are even quite good). These screens, however, are essentially just computer monitors or televisions. They can display artwork, and often in high resolution, but they weren’t designed for that. That’s why Danvas co-founders Jeanne Anderson and Hernan Lopez created the G-Series. Working in partnership with award-winning industrial design firm Ammunition Group, the startup has developed a device that will finally let you to show off your art. NFTs at their best. Unlike the 2D art we’re used to seeing in museums, NFTs can move, transform, and make noise. The G-Series 4ft by 4ft display, surrounded by a floating bezel and featuring built-in speakers, features micro-LED technology that lets you see art exactly as its creator did. had imagined, down to the smallest minute. detail.

“The Relic” by Francesca Fini on screen Danvas Series G – Credit: Francesca Fini/Danvas

Francesca Fini/Danvas

“Technically, this display technology is very cutting edge,” Anderson said recently. Robb Report. “We had to be very different from any other LED or micro LED product on the market. . .We wanted deeper blacks. We wanted lighter whites. We wanted a bigger color palette.

The display’s most unique feature, however, is its authentication indicator, a feature that has become vital in an art world plagued by forgers and fraud. The G-series can be connected to its owner’s NFT wallet and will display an elegant blue light whenever it displays an artwork it owns. You can also use Danvas’ app to store and display multiple NFTs on the G-Series, as opposed to one at a time like a traditional frame.

“Artefact 07” by ThorElias on the Danvas Series G display – Credit: ThorElias/Danvas


“That’s part of the fun. Your collection can be whatever you want it to be,” Anderson said. “Monday can be that, that can be that, eight to nine that can be that. I am organizing a party for which I want to create an atmosphere. I’d love to put all my greatest pieces in my collection – however you want to organize it, you can.

The G-Series screen is available in three finishes (white, black and natural) and is available for pre-order now on the Danvas website. It costs $34,500, of which $1,000 is due at time of booking. The first 50 devices will be Premier Edition models, each with access to a special collectors community overseen by Anderson and Lopez. Members will have access to future partner art rewards, as well as priority access to premium enhancements.

Digital art has never looked so grown up.

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