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When asked what she thinks her wardrobe says about her, Krissy Taylor answered in three words: “fun, creative and playful”.

These are the perfect words to distill her bright and bold style, but they could also be used to describe the spirited ambitions Taylor is also striving to achieve in her professional life, as Senior Director of Public Programs at Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki.

Because the worlds of fashion and art frequently merge, Taylor has hosted thought-provoking fashion talks at the museum over the past year, such as a sustainability panel discussion with Kate Sylvester, Emily Miller-Sharma by Ruby and Elisha Watson by Nisa held during the Mary Quant retrospective and conference where Layplan creators Lavinia Ilolahia and Talia Soloa sat down with Arts Foundation CEO Jessica Palalagi to discuss their success as Pasifika women in fashion, against the backdrop of the incredible exhibition Declaration: A Pacific Feminist Agenda.

Her style philosophy is to make fashion fun and not take it too seriously. “I love clashing prints, lots of color and experimentation.”

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I consider my wardrobe a bit like an art collection. He is very organized and considered. I like to research everything before buying and I rarely make spontaneous decisions. I love the fact that I can take pieces that are 10 years old, that still feel relevant to me today, and mix them with pieces from new designers.

I’m a big fan of local brands like Hej Hej, Havilah, Gloria, Layplan and Kowtow. Supporting local designers is important to me because we have so much amazing talent here in Aotearoa.

Krissy doesn't save her silk dresses for special occasions - she wears whatever's in her wardrobe.


Krissy doesn’t save her silk dresses for special occasions – she wears whatever’s in her wardrobe.

I’m a big proponent of wearing it all that you have in your closet. I don’t save my silk dresses for special occasions – they all come out and layer with chunky knits in the winter or pared down with sandals in the summer.

I love Twoobs, directed by sisters Jess and Stef Dadon. They are simple platforms made of memory foam. It’s like walking on air – so beautiful yet comfortable. I currently have five pairs (all different colors and styles) and I rotate them but as soon as there is one I buy a new one. I wear them all year round, layering them with colorful socks or tights to wear all winter long.

This Cashmere Knit from Hej Hej, $250, brings me a lot of comfort. It’s so comfy and easy to layer over a shirt, under a dress, or with jeans.

I have some pieces of no, Kristine Crabb’s first label dates back to her [retail store] Rip Shit and Bust days, which are over 20 years old, and a large collection of Miss Crabb.

I think Kristine is a creative genius, everything she does is built to last and it’s cut to really fit the body. I hope my kids will one day wear these outfits and breathe new life and style into them.

I inherited my grandmother’s entire wardrobe from the 1950s to the 1970s, so I have items that are 70 years old, including this green chiffon dress. My grandmother was an incredibly strong and unique woman who had a career selling typewriters. I love how this collection has grown with me, from wearing his dresses (and covering them in paint in art school) to wearing his 1950s business suits paired with boots in my early days gallery assistant.

I’m a bit of a bargain hunter. I purchased this Kowtow Polka Dot A-line Skirt at one of their recent sales. It was a crush sale, but I went with a great sales strategy: 1. Arrive early 2. Go straight to your size 3. Save time by not trying on anything (mostly I know what their sizes look like /adjustments). I was the first to check out and love all the parts I received that day.


Gloria Modern Times Coat, $780

I’m obsessed with this coat from Gloria, Kristine Crabb’s new brand. It looks like the ultimate in comfort, but so stylish at the same time.

Kowtow Flower Dress, $389

This photographic floral print caught my eye. I really like the prints and the casual style of the brand.

Layplan Suzy Dress, $295

I recently hosted a talk with Lavinia Ilolahia and Talia Soloa from Layplan at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. One of the viewers wore this dress in khaki and I completely fell in love with it. I was attracted by the fitted cut and the open back.

Yu Mei Adrian Clutch, $275

I’m really into small bags now and this sleek, slim clutch would make the perfect wallet under your arm.

Downtown Checks Sweater, $290

I’m a huge fan of artist collaborations and really enjoying the look of this cuddly mohair sweater with cool artwork by artist Claudia Kogachi.