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Proving the interactive potential of analog media, Pop Art and Pop-Ups combine to create an epic moment in art and publishing. Pop-up art book publisher Poposition Press is working with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. on an upcoming series of officially licensed pop-up books and cards showcasing the career of the iconic visual artist and conceptual Andy Warhol (1928-1987). With four planned books spanning four decades, the iconic artist’s work takes on a new form, literally popping off the page. This series recontextualizes a piece of our collective history, changing the way fans look at Warhol’s work through pop-up sculptures and reinterpretations of the artist’s groundbreaking art.


Poposition Press is a collaborative business, working with contemporary artists to create pop-up books from existing or new works, adding a new dimension to art. Poposition Press, with founder Rosston Meyer at its helm, is one of the few companies to self-publish pop-up books, which sets them apart from the start. Since their conception, they have risen to the top of the art book scene, with their expertly crafted pieces and highly sought-after editions. Pop-up books have seen a resurgence lately, with many taking note of the careful paper engineering and design required to create something truly wonderful.

In their effort to turn some of the most engaging art into 3D on paper, Popostion Press has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation. With a vast body of eye-catching works that are nothing short of iconic, it is evident that the two experience so much synergy, once again bringing Warhol’s work back to the forefront of the minds of art lovers.

“The Warhol Foundation is thrilled to see Warhol’s life and work literally jump off the page in Rosston Meyer’s dynamic new book,” said Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, Marketing and Sales at The Andy Foundation. Warhol. “It is a lesson in humility that the creative spirit of Warhol continues to inspire so many people through his contributions and through the philanthropy of the foundation he created and which will benefit from the sale of this new book published by Press position.”

The first edition of the series, titled Pop Up Pop Art – The Money Factory, will feature pop-up versions of Warhol’s iconic works from The Silver Factory in the 1960s, celebrating 60 years since Warhol’s first solo exhibition. The pages in pop up pop art include interactive elements, optical illusions and special Easter eggs for true Warhol fans, making for an immersive and engaging experience.

Pop Art Silver Factory Pop Up Book Standard Edition ($60) includes 8 pages with 7 pop ups including Campbell’s soup cans, Banana, Andy’s photo booth, Marilyn Monroe, flowers, Brillo Box Sculptures and Self-portrait of Andy in 1964. However, in the mind of Warhol himself, the standard is simply not enough. There is also a special edition, available in

a triple-leaf stamped case envelope housed in a custom slipcase screen-printed with Andy’s 1964 Self Portrait ($375). The Special Edition also includes an individually bound pop-up broadcast from Silver Clouds.

Poposition is bringing this collaboration to other paper mediums as well, with four pop-up greeting cards featuring the banana, flowers, Brillo box sculptures and Campbell’s soup cans. The greeting cards will be available individually ($12) and in an 8-card box set ($50), so Pop Art can live on the shelf and in the mailboxes, hands and hearts of loved ones. There’s also an oversized pop-up banana sculpture in the collection ($75).

This first collection marks the start of what is sure to be a successful and hugely popular collaboration, bringing beloved works to shelves and coffee tables around the world.

The Pop Up Pop Art – Silver Factory collection available on


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