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Still from ‘El Alcalde’, a 2012 documentary film about then-mayor Mauricio Fernández Garza. Courtesy of El Alcalde/Facebook.

A Mexican multi-millionaire is building a replica of his northern Mexico mansion to serve as a museum for his art collection, a venture criticized for being largely publicly funded.— ABC News

The millionaire in question, Mauricio Fernández Garza made his fortune selling beer and petrochemicals, which facilitated the collection of art and ancient fossils now valued at around $120 million. Garza was three-time mayor of the tony suburb of Monterrey where the house is located when he plans to use public funds to fund up to 60% of what is essentially a vanity project. Garza’s initial plan cost around $18 million before it was whittled down to around $9.7 by new mayor Miguel Treviño, who beat him to his final bid for the job.

The mansion is named after a character in literature and was itself the apparent subject of a 2008 book about its owner’s transformative effort to fashion a private residence to his liking. The result of that process is now dismantled and reinstalled in a large public park nearby – including four 14th and 16th century ceilings totaling $50 million acquired under a deal with his successor.