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Artist Ed Lorenzo shares his latest art collection titled “Di Magmaliw”. Her paintings are dedicated to the sweet memory of her deceased brother, who passed away in 2020 due to an autoimmune disease. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Most artists have their own unique style and approach to creating a work of art, and for Ed Lorenzo, his recent collection of works isn’t just about the abundant, overflowing craftsmanship of color, movement, and texture. accents that combine emotions, feelings and anxieties, but a celebration. of the life of a lost loved one and the sweet grief that fuels his passion to move forward.

Ed — as his friends would call him — grew up in the province of Rizal, where he took his first steps into the world of visual arts at a very young age. He admits to still loving the art he sees in his daily commute to and from school.

But for the past two years, Ed Lorenzo has stopped creating art after a tragic event in his life. First, he lost his father in 2019, and last year his closest brother passed away from an autoimmune disease. “It’s too much for my family and me to handle. I don’t have the willpower to create something. But my mom told me to press on and fight the strong current of grief,” he said. he adds.

Armed with passion and full of emotions, these days Lorenzo sees painting as his way of celebrating the life of his deceased brother. “I have found more peace and comfort now, knowing that I dedicate these pieces to my Kuya, who I call ‘Di Magmaliw’,” he shares.

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