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Do you have any tips for buying art online?

Buying art can be quite a confusing process. Often prices are not readily available and the whole process can seem very daunting. Fortunately, buying art online has really helped open up this opaque process. There are now so many ways to discover and buy art. My main advice would be to ask questions. Before Art has a brilliant team of collectors who are on hand to answer any questions you have, whether you want to learn more about a particular artist, discuss how to grow your collection, or ask why a work is priced so high. ‘She is. We want to remove all barriers and help people find and own pieces they love.

What are the best ways to discover different artists?

There are many ways to find artists online. If you have an artist you like, Google is a good first step. Many galleries and platforms will provide further information about the artist’s work. If I can’t visit an artist in person, I often go to see if there are interviews and videos online, which is a way to virtually experience their practice in the studio. Many artists also have their own websites and social media accounts that offer great insight into their inspirations and what they’re working on. Scrolling Instagram is also awesome. I discovered Jessie Makinson and many other amazing artists there.

Before Arte started life as an Instagram account (@Before.Arte) initially to share the art and artists we loved, and now we have a community of over 2.4 million people who come to us for more. We share works we love, artist interviews, as well as deep dives into contemporary artists and their careers. Our last deep dive was all about Bridget Riley, but we also featured Betye Saar, Jenny Holzer, Judy Chicago and Tracey Emin to name a few – you can find them in our Highlights tab. Our @AvantArteInsiders The Instagram account is a great way to connect with other people who buy art and get a behind-the-scenes look at the artists we collaborate with.

Where do prices start at Avant Arte?

Our prices start around £250-300. We work closely with leading contemporary artists including Antonia in the shower, Tomas Sanchez, Donna Huanca and Sola Olulode to create limited edition works, from editions of sculptures to works on paper and hand-finished serigraphs. We set the benchmark for publishing and work with top producers around the world, involving the artist every step of the way to bring their visions to life. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of publishing; many of our editions are hand finished by the artists so that each one is unique.