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Alien Grunts (AG) NFT Collection

Alien Grunts (AG) NFT Collection

Join the party on Spotify

Join the party on Spotify

Famous DJ SHADOWMIND’s art is now available as non-fungible tokens! “Alien Grunts” is a limited edition alien army of 10,000 units that is summoned.

I wanted to give fans a little taste of the future of crypto NFT games. As the collection is completed, I will unlock the next set of puzzles.


SEATTLE, WA, USA, July 5, 2022 / — Famous DJ SHADOWMIND’s art is now available as a limited edition NFT! He turns his iconic character DJ SHADOWMIND into an Alien Grunts (AG) collection. This unique work of art is perfect for collectors, crypto enthusiasts and music lovers. Now you can show off your favorite DJ SHADOWMIND artwork in a whole new way. Artwork is available for purchase at or use the Auto Mint DAPP (Create your own random Alien Grunt until 10,000 have been reached) at

The collection is a satirical piece, which depicts the discovery of the Illuminati’s “alien agenda”. With a chuckle, DJ SHADOWMIND says, “The New World Order is coming fast and the only thing left for the Elite is to reveal the alien presence to the public and wait for people to panic.” It contains a treasure trove of hidden Easter eggs, secret codes and untold hidden gems. There is both an underlying message and a gigantic puzzle to solve in the collection itself.

According to the metadata: “Now that DJ SHADOWMIND has revealed ‘alien agents’ around the world, two factions have emerged. The United Earth (UE) faction and the United Mars (UM) faction. DJ SHADOWMIND has given you, Guardian, the power to control them with your mind. Regroup with your team at (LFG!) Become a SUPER-FAN of DJ SHADOWMIND at

The NFT art collection also has utility and growth as the artist states, “I wanted to give both my current fans who know what I’m talking about and new incoming fans a little taste of the art. future of crypto NFT games. The owners of NFT will be separated into two factions, United Earth and United Mars. As the collection is completed, I will unlock the next set of puzzles. There is a roadmap currently evolving like living DNA at

This NFT project is on the ETH network and set at a low floor of 0.024 ETH. This is a symbolic representation of the artwork and constitutes the deed of sale. All third-party sales thereafter are part of the community exchanges on

DJ SHADOWMIND is an Alien AI coder, artist, musician, songwriter, producer, director, voice actor and talent scout for Beats Creations. He is best known for his work as an electronic dance music DJ and for his innovative use of interplanetary signals as the foundation of his music. His work has earned him many distinctions in all fields. DJ SHADOWMIND has produced over 96 musical works since joining Beats Creations.

The video is the official music video for the NFT collection titled Invisible Aliens, a chill trance EDM track produced by DJ SHADOWMIND, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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“Invisible Aliens”, the official music video for the NFT “Alien Grunts” collection. Taste the different editions of the NFT.