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“Through this sale, we are very happy to be able to celebrate the exceptional taste of Hubert de Givenchy and his lifelong companion Philippe Venet,” the designer’s family said of the auction. “We wish to share the elegance and the aesthetic heritage that they bequeathed to us in order to inscribe their vision in the history of art and interior decoration in a universal way.”

Cécile Verdier, president of Christie’s France, notes that Givenchy had a particular fondness for 18th century furniture. (“Fashion changes, but the style of the 18th century will endure, because it is of exceptional quality,” Givenchy once remarked.)

“There is the taste for the figure and the taste for the structure”, says Verdier. He rarely deviated from a strict, elegant scheme of green – his favorite color – gold, white and black. “This very small palette of [colours] and the very geometric shape, even if it is from the 18th century, gives something very timeless”, adds Verdier.

Christie’s relationship with the designer dates back to 1993, when Givenchy first entrusted the sale of some of its 18th century furniture to the auction house, culminating in an exhibition in Monaco which was a “landmark of its time “. Five more sales took place over the following years.

Before this last auction, Christie’s will organize an exhibition of the collection which will be presented in Palm Beach from March 5 to 26, then in New York from April 15 to 23 and in Hong Kong from June 26 to May 1. The final stop on the one-off exhibition will of course be Paris, where it will open to the public on June 8, coinciding with a dedicated online sale on the same day.

The live sale will take place from June 14 to 17