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BTS’s RM has always expressed his love for art. As it now plans to host an offline exhibition. The 27-year-old rapper said he was “seriously” considering showcasing his private collection as an art exhibit. In Intersections: Art Basel podcast, he talked about having two floors designated for his rooms and one floor functioning as a cafe.

The mono The rapper explained how his love for art began, especially Korean visual arts. The podcast also gave fans a glimpse into the leader’s mind on various aspects of K-pop and BTS.

“Considering To Make A Small Space From My Own Private Collection”: BTS’ RM Shares Plans To Host Art Exhibit Soompi

Since the members of BTS announced that they will be focusing on solo activities, every day has been a treat for fans, who see their beloved idols working for their own passion. This time, the leader of the group, rapper, songwriter and producer, Kim Nam-joon, attended Art Basel podcast and talked about his love for the visual arts.

The host asked BTS’s RM if there would ever be a “private Nam-joon Kim museum.” The idol laughed and shared that the museum might be a little too much work, but “a small space” for her private collection is something that’s been on her mind for a while:

“So the museum itself is really complicated, isn’t it? They need curators and exhibits. This is the first time I’ve said this, but, seriously, I’m planning on doing a little space from my own private collection. And maybe a café on the first floor, and set up my collection on the second and third floors. So people could still see the collections when they just wanted to see them. »

He then added that South Korea does not offer much in terms of museums, especially when it comes to Korean artists.

“When people come to Korea – it also happens to Koreans – we can’t see the great Korean artists because there are not many museums at the moment, there are not many galleries at the moment ( in Korea) So I want to do mine one day.

BTS’ RM previously expanded on the same idea, talking about how being a global star has helped him visit museums around the world and gain knowledge and inspiration.

Meanwhile, he shared that even though South Korea is a small country and doesn’t have many museums or galleries, he made it a point to visit them. He revealed that this passion ignited when he realized he couldn’t name any Korean painters. However, now he is inspired by several Korean artists.

in the “intersections” podcast, namjoon mentioned that the first artwork he ever bought was by lee daewon (1921-2001), whom he referred to as a korean impressionist artist. here are some examples of his work: 1. trees, 19932. farm, 19873. landscape, 1967

With a well-deserved break from the never-ending series of group promotions, it will be interesting to see how BTS’s RM achieves its goal of making Korean artists more accessible to the public.

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