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The mastermind hired to meticulously remove Confederate monuments gives new meaning to the 13 stars of the Confederate flag by assigning a charity to each of the “13 stars” NFT Art Collectibles.

RICHMOND, Va., May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Devon Henry said yes to a job that no other entrepreneur has had the courage to accept. The story of Henry’s role will likely be told in the history books – as the recent front page function of The New York Times. Since 2020, Henry and his construction crews have meticulously and safely removed over 23 Confederate statues in the former Confederate South. Henry is now redirecting this story to charity CryptoFederacy Project which highlights 13 key causes and agents of change via the 13 stars NFT Art Collection which falls on June 16, 2022 at

“The task of dismantling these statues has been literally monumental,” says Devon Henry, who has faced harassment and even death threats, for answering the call to “re”make history. “It’s very humbling to be the one to fulfill a 131-year-old prophecy. But it’s not enough. I feel responsible for using these deconstructed pieces of our past to build a better future.”

The prophecy to which Henry refers is that of John Mitchell, Jr.the editor of the Black newspaper, The planet Richmond. In 1890, when the statue of Robert E. Lee was erected on Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia, Mitchell predicted that a black man would one day pull down the statue. “He erected the Lee monument, and when the time comes, he will be there to take it down,” he added. Mitchell wrote.

by CryptoFederacy 13 stars NFT collectionrepresents the thirteen stars on the Confederate flag and will fall on the 157th anniversary of June 19– a U.S. federal holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved Americans and marks when the last enslaved people in the United States were officially told they were free – following the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Confederate States in april 1865.

On June 19, 2022, the CryptoFederacy project will hit an inaugural collection of 13 NFTs representing the dismantled statues. Henry strives to sell these NFTs and raise $1 million for 13 different charitable causes which deal with societal issues arising from the ideals and actions reinforced by Confederate generals whose statues have been removed.

Henry and his CryptoFederacy team are finalizing partnerships with established nonprofits and planning launch events in New York, richmondDC and Los Angeles. Attendees will be able to meet the CryptoFederacy team, view NFT artwork, meet the artist, explore physical pieces of dismantled Confederate statues, and view professionally framed photographs of historic behind-the-scenes moments of the statue removal process.

Henry hopes passionate individuals and foundations will feel compelled to be a part of this historic reclaiming of ideology, by collecting one of 13 exclusive works of art, which will help raise awareness of the charities represented by the NFT. . As the CryptoFederacy NFT community grows, the team plans to follow the inaugural NFT collection with a 10,000 coin CrazyStats NFT collection – and attract an even wider audience.

About CryptoFederacy
CryptoFederacy’s mission is to bring social activism to the world of Web3 by creating innovative NFT Art projects and initiatives that educate individuals and organizations about the opportunities of Web3 – and specifically how to generate revenue. to solve critical economic and social problems through United States. CryptoFederacy was founded in 2022 by Devon Henry, the CEO of Team Henry Enterprises, LLC – the company hired to dismantle Confederate monuments across the South. When all the other construction companies refused, Henry bravely answered the call. Devon Henry was featured in Fortune Magazineand Inc.Magazine for the growth of his business, and more recently, the coverage of The New York Times. On June 16, 2022, the exclusive 13 Star NFT Collection will give individuals around the world the opportunity to own a digital moment in history that commemorates the dismantling of the monuments that summed up America’s centuries-old relationship with slavery and institutional racism, with the goal of raising 1 million dollars for 13 charities. To learn more and stay up to date regarding the NFT 13 Star Drop, visit:

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