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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — Passers-by stopped early Sunday morning to take in something new on W. 25th Street in Ohio City.

In front of them stood a bronze sculpture titled “When I Was Sick”.

The statue is part of an art installation called the Matthew 25 Collection; there are six statues in total by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz.

The Jesus statues were meant to inspire conversations about helping those in need and not turning a blind eye.

Soon, all six statues in the collection will be here in the city of Cleveland thanks to the Community West Foundation and its nonprofit partners. The statues will be permanent.

Two of the carvings were already there: one at the Old Stone Church in the Town Square called “When I was hungry and thirsty” and one on Fulton Road at the Family Ministry Center called “When I was in jail”.

Recently installed, one at Saint Malachi Parish on Washington Ave. called “homeless Jesus”.

The “When I Was Naked” statue was delivered to Cleveland and will be displayed at Malachi House on Clinton Ave.

In the spring of 2022, “When I Was a Stranger” will be installed here at The Refugee Response headquarters when the new construction is complete.

Cleveland will be the second city in the world, after Rome, Italy, to own the complete collection of the six bronze figurines.

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