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VINCENNES, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – People entering the University of Vincennes campus will see new additions decorating the landscape.

Three sculptures were recently installed on campus as part of a citywide project. The city’s first public exhibition of sculptures started in 2020. More than 12 sculptures are spread around Vincennes.

“The sculptures bring the campus to life,” said law enforcement major Spencer Savage. “They add features to the exterior. They add another element to nature, and they catch your eye. Instead of looking at a boring world every day when I go to class or work, I see something beautiful that draws my attention to something positive. It makes me think and wonder what the sculpture means.

A shiny blue and white aluminum shape titled “Twisted Botanical Wave” is placed prominently in front of the Center for Art and Design. A green sculpture made of plastics, polyesters, epoxies and fiberglass titled “Abstract #29” greets people as they enter the Shake Learning Resource Center. And an expressive sculpture of a ballerina made from bundled and welded steel rods titled ‘Elli3’ now stands in front of the Welsh Administration Building and Governor’s Hall.

“I believe public art is a very important aspect of helping to establish a community’s identity. While not everyone agrees on whether or not public art is beneficial for improving the place where the art is placed, most of all I have found that it tends to bring people together and to give them something to be proud of. At the very least, it always starts a good conversation between members of the community.

VU Troy Aiken Art Teacher

A fourth sculpture will be installed during the month of May with a guided tour of the sculptures scheduled for May 27 at 5:30 p.m.