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The Murray Edwards art collection is on display in the college buildings and groundsCmglee/Wikimedia Commons

Murray Edwards College has announced that the New Hall Art Collection will revert to its original name, The Women’s Art Collection.

Murray Edwards said renaming the Collection “would better promote the work of women artists”. The change will take effect from April 20.

The collection contains over 500 works of modern and contemporary art, making it the largest of its kind in Europe.

It aims “to advocate for artists who identify as women, to give them visibility and a voice, and to promote their work in the spirit of a women’s college dedicated to gender equality”.

Murray Edwards President Dorothy Byrne said: “The percentage of women’s work in public galleries is disgracefully low. This is one of the main reasons why there is still a need for an all-female art collection.

“Nothing else like the collection exists in Cambridge or anywhere else in the country and I think it’s an absolute travesty that so few people even know of its existence.”

The Collection was founded in 1986 when the College acquired the work of American artist Mary Kelly Ecstasy, a series of six prints. At the time Kelly was living in Murray Edwards and working in Kettle’s Yard.

It has since grown through donations and loans from artists and alumni, and now includes works by Paula Rego, Maggi Hambling, Tracey Emin, Lubaina Hamid and Judy Chicago.

The collection is free to all visitors and is on display throughout the College’s buildings and grounds, including the iconic Dome.