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In February 2022, Maven Global announced the launch of its latest utility NFT art collection – Drunken Monster Maven Club (DMMC) in OpenSea with a highly desirable collection of 10,608 AI randomly generated NFT art.

The Drunken Monster Maven Club is wholly owned by Maven Global, Singapore’s premier NFT community where artists, entrepreneurs and CEOs from various cutting-edge industries such as art, finance, tech and hospitality have collaborated to create an environment conducive to Asia’s greatest minds and innovators. .

MAVEN Co-Founder and Artistic Director Sophy Zhang said, “We are building a tight-knit community not only for artists to exhibit, NFT and auction their works, but also for collectors to mingle and network with. financiers and CEOs from both traditional industries, as well as new emerging tech sectors like blockchain.

MAVEN is not your typical art-based NFT platform, but rather an ecosystem where classic meets contemporary, East meets West, and traditional finance merges with new decentralized finance in a style of truly holistic living. MAVEN offers exceptional hospitality service through its Virgin Palate Bistro Bar concept, developed by Co-Founder and Head of Hospitality, Mark Tay.

By collaborating with high-end galleries and enabling talented artists to showcase their works in the digital realm, MAVEN helps these artists promote their works via NFT published on its proprietary MAVENArt NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Gallery. Members through the MAVEN Membership App can also take advantage of great offers and place bids for these artworks using their MAVEN Coin.

Drunken Monster Maven Club (DMMC), meanwhile, is created by MAVEN co-founder Dave Cheng and his team of NFT advisors. “In the MAVEN community, I always enjoy having a networking session with all the innovative entrepreneurs over a drinking session. This DMMC came to mind where I think this Avatar can be symbolic, like us, a group of talented and energetic individuals who are still exchanging ideas, concepts and enjoying quality conversations over a quality drink!

Each Drunken Monster NFT has an alcoholic beverage in its left hand as well as its own characteristics and rarity, providing each NFT with varying levels of usefulness ranging from access to voting rights in the MAVEN metaverse, which is a collection of realities digital alternatives where people work, play and socialize. MAVEN wants to play a vital role in building this metaverse and creating a realm for those looking to elevate their profiles as artists and/or collectors.

“Besides the tangible benefits we provide to all of our DMMC NFT holders, we also prioritize digital asset management service, whether it’s creating an NFT wallet, crypto trading account, or offering a crypto concierge service in various Over-the-Counter (OTC) We offer advice on crypto/digital assets to reduce the risk of mismanagement and maximize returns on their digital investments as long as you are part of our community” , underlined the co-founder and chief architect of MAVEN, Mr. JK.

In a nutshell, DMMC not only provides DMMC NFT holders with digital ownership and voices in the metaverse; we also offer our NFT holders exclusive real-world privileges, such as exclusive access to rare collectibles, luxury events, art auctions and future MAVEN projects.

#DMMC NFT Utility & Benefits

  1. Earn passive income by owning DMMC NFTs (gives MAVEN coins based on rarity)
  2. Networking and social interactions with artists, connoisseurs and collectors of rare spirits
  3. Rare art/whisky/wine/alcohol private auction priority
  4. Access to luxury brand launches and events worldwide
  5. Access to launch real-world PE transactions and tokens
  6. Access to MAVEN NFT owners exclusive product stores
  7. Opportunity to contribute up to 20% of revenue generated to the community fund for causes and social commitments supported by MAVEN
  8. Voting rights in future MAVEN metaverse

For more information on DMMC, click here. For more information on MAVEN, please visit the website here.

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